Home Buying Tips & Info

Home Buying Tip #1 – Pre-Approval

Start by getting a real pre-approval that you can rely on when you make an offer. Your trusted A+ Mortgage Professional will get it done quickly and correctly, to get your offer accepted.

Home Buying Tip #2 – Build a Budget

Do your own budget “reality check”. Even though you are approved for a certain loan amount and payment, plug those numbers into your monthly budget and make sure you are still comfortable with them. Your Loan Officer is always available to do “what if” scenarios to assist you.

Home Buying Tip #3 – Work With Your Realtor

Work with a Realtor to find the home that is right for you. Realtors use the pre-approval as a guideline to make sure the homes they search for you fit with your needs, payment ability and the type of loan for which you are approved.

Home Buying Tip #4 – Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

Sometimes when you are looking at homes you come across a home that is outside the criteria you and your loan officer developed. Maybe it has higher taxes, or the purchase price is a little higher – don’t automatically assume that you cannot afford it.

Home Buying Tip #5 – Invest in Your Dream Home

Slight changes in price may affect your payment less than you think, since you are spreading the payments over 30 years in most cases. Call your A+ Mortgage Professional anytime to have payments calculated with new information, so you don’t pass up the “perfect” home.

Home Buying Tip #6 – Loan Officers are Your Friend

When you make an offer, make your Loan Officer aware of the dates for financing, home inspection and closing to ensure the loan process goes smoothly.

Home Buying Tip #7 – Ask Questions

There are many questions that come up during the home buying process. You go through it several times in your life, but at A+ Mortgage we go through the process thousands of times a year.

We have the answers to all of your questions when you need them – before you buy!

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