A Grand Opening Announcement

A+ Mortgage Services has recently opened a new branch office in Madison, Wisconsin! A Direct Lender, A+ is able to sell directly into the secondary mortgage market, giving them a unique advantage over mortgage brokers and other financial institutions. They are able to rip right through the red tape of banks since they operate big… but in a small family environment.

A+ has been securing loans since 2001. The perfect partner in the world of lending, A+ gives clients and Realtors access to a suite of exclusive benefits that are guaranteed to exceed expectations. With an impressive reputation in the industry A+ staff their own underwriters, has final say on approvals, offers preferred accessibility (a real live person will answer the phone when you call!) and, most importantly, is able to secure extraordinarily competitive rates.

Heading the new office with a combined total of 30+ years experience in the mortgage lending business are Senior Loan Officers Christian Gridley and Susan Wilcox. Christian admittedly enjoys the strategic part of mortgage lending and recognizes that one size does not fit all. Susan prides herself in always being on the pulse of what’s new and trending in the industry and taps into every resource possible to ensure the best possible deals are made. Both offer and expertise in conventional lending products as well as WHEDA, FHA, VA and USDA financing and have helped a multitude of people purchase homes in Wisconsin. By asking the right questions and analyzing the results they are able to structure loans that are truly within the best financial interest of their clients.

Whether you are a Realtor, first time home buyer, looking to upgrade/downsize, ready to purchase an investment property or wanting a place to retire – Susan and/or Christian will be right by your deal is signed, sealed and delivered.

Experience the A+ difference for yourself:

Susan Marie Wilcox608-295-7985 Mobile
608-729-7589 Office
NMLS #14932251
Christian Gridley608-358-7532 Mobile
608-729-7589 Office
NMLS #326449

A+ Mortgage Services, Inc.