Jim Kundinger
MLS Number: 267947

Phone: 262-679-8500 x251
Cell: 414-510-6330

LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/jimkundinger


With over 20 years in loan origination I have come across a wide variety of situations that allow me to help my clients make an informed decision regarding their mortgage needs. I love working with first time home buyers and educating them on the mortgage qualification process as well as what to expect during the home buying process.

My clientele includes people with many different backgrounds; from wage earners, business owners, investors, self employed, and even some with fixed incomes.

My schedule is flexible to accommodate your needs and I am willing to travel to meet you at your convenience. I take pride in my reputation as an honest, straightforward professional.

I know you need to hear the truth about your loan – not just a lot of hype or sales talk.   I promise to listen to your questions and get you the straight answers.